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The massive amount of €7.6 trillion was available to consumers in 28 EU countries for consumption-related expenditures in 2013.  Every head spend an average €15.017 (+0,6%). The purchasing power lagged significantly behind levels in recent years. Which is obviously due to the crisis. We saw violent declines in Greece (-8.4 %), Cyprus (-7.4 %) as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovenia (-2.4 %). Spain and Italy went down too.

Retail share of private consumption

The retail share of private consumption continues to fall-off again in 2013 ; the quota is now at 30.8%.  The GfK  explains the effect with higher costs for energy, accommodation and leisure activities. The retail share is notably low in Italy (26.8%) and Greece (25.3%) as a result of the economic crisis. The strong economies of Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland have a retail share of just under 29 percent. A key reason for this low percentage are the higher incomes, of which a comparatively smaller portion suffices to cover basic needs.

Forecasted stationary retail turnover for 2014

In 2013, stationary retail turnover stagnated at around €3.1 trillion (-0.1%). The largest markets remain Russia, followed by France and Germany. Again the big losses were suffered by Greece (-7.9%), Cyprus (-5.1%) got hammered, while the Netherlands (-3.6%), Spain (-3.5%) and Italy (-3.4%) survived with a black eye. Nothing new is that online sales are continue to increasing pressure on stationary retail throughout Europe. The GfK predicted a moderate stationary retail growth of +0.6% (on average) for the EU-28 in 2014. The fast pacers are called Romania (+4.3%) and the Baltic states (+4.8-5.9 %). For the hard hit countries in Southern Europe the GfK predicted as more stable 2014.
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