I recently stumbeled upon this nicely written article by Matthias Stolz and Friederike Milbradt for the German ZEITmagazin.

Unfortunately it’s written in German: DIE BESSERBÜRGER by Matthias Stolz and Friderike Milbradt.

Lacoste, Rolex or Porsche were our status symbols 20 years ago. Today status is individualism, far beyond of-the-shelf articles. Connoisseurship about toothpaste, olive oil or espresso is in demand. Buying decisions are based on questions like: is this thing perfect in form? Does it suit my taste? Does it suit my friends taste? Can I even post it if I buy it? And if I post it, is it worth posting???

10 years ago BIO was hip. Today Corporate Social Responsibility would be far too easy and uncool for the BETTER BOURGEOISE. We are searching for the right thing, the special thing. Instead of bulk commodity we are looking for independent shops or small manufactories producing only small quantities.


Au Revoir KARSTADT! Welcome!!!

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